Monday, December 04, 2006

Fun stuff!!!

The Holiday Season is upon us! And what a fun time it is!

Though a few weeks late in the announcement, I made Thanksgiving dinner!!! Well, I had help from my mom and a fabulous turkey recipe from my hairdress... but I did it! 7 people in our apartment (which I still owe some pictures of), and it went off without a hitch. Here's the spread:

I've started Christmas shopping and actually have Don finished. I still have the 9 nieces & nephews to get- next year there will be 10!!! Rachel is having a C-section on Jan. 8 and Baby Girl Fickett will then have a name (and a wonderfully loving family). :)

This past weekend, Don and I hosted a cocktail party. We figured it was easier than trying to get everyone over seperately to see the new apartment. Plus, though we do love them dearly, it's not a very kid-friendly apartment. Here are some pictures from the cocktail party:

Happy Holidays! Here's to a smooth next few weeks of shopping, Holiday Partys, Family Funtions and some time to relax with loved ones!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Celeb Look-a-Likes

Monday, October 30, 2006

"At Last...."

So... I haven't lived up to my promise to blog much... well, at all. BUT I have had good intentions... however, they have been cast aside... that is until now.

Don and I had to move- AGAIN!!!! We hadn't even lived in our other apartment a whole year yet!!! We have spent the past month going through EVERYTHING we own and deciding it's fate. We found a wonderful little spot a few streets over, closer to Maine Med (so we're still in the West End). However, it's differently set up so it feels much smaller... hence ridding ourselves of 29-31 years of junk...

But, we did it!!!! We have downsized, simplified, and after 30 days of moving, packing, trashing, eating out, wasting gas, lifting... WE ARE DONE!!! We cleaned the Brackett Street apartment tonight, moved the last bins to Alison's and put the last bit of storage into our storage cubby. We are officially residents of Neal Street... and we officially don't have to do a freakin' thing tomorrow after work!

Funny how such little, futile things can make one happy... but happy we are.

On with our lives... our new lives in our new little place...

Here's to future blogs... and a stressfree, simplified life!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cyr-Kahn Wedding

Here's the 8 of us on the wedding day. It was gorgeous and we had tons of fun!

The gorgeous Bride and handsome Groom!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I'm ashamed it's been, what, 4 months since I've posted? I'm not going to list off the plethera of excuses either.... it is what it is... I'm lazy. :)

LOTS has happened in 4 months... yet, I couldn't even tell you what I've done this summer!

In a nutshell....
*Don quit his job.
*We went on vacation to the beach (pictures to come).
*We went to Frye Island for a day.
*I learned how to play Frisbee Golf (Disc Golf)- which is tons of fun!
*We went to Presque Isle for the first time (pictures to come).
*Don spent a week in Cananda fly fishing.
*Don found a new job.

I guess that's it... I'm sure there's more.... but I'm at work and not functioning at full capacity right now. :)

Recently, as in, this past weekend, Don and I went to Presque Isle for Sara Cyr's Wedding!!! Here are some wonderful pictures of the fantastic weekend. Sara's family was so incredibly wonderful and warm towards us all- I felt like I was home! Okay, scratch the pics for right now- it's freezing up my computer and I'm too impatient! :) I promise I'll post some though!

And... then there's the Sox... whom I feel horrible for... I'm still watching every pitch of every game that I can... I feel compelled to- like I HAVE to or I'll miss something HUGE!!! But boy, when you're down, what more can possibly happen?! Talk about kicking a dead dog!!! I just hope they can keep their team spirit and salvage some sort of good feeling from the season... and that Big Papi makes it through alright and in great health! He's in my thoughts and prayers! Heads up guys... even if you are the worst team in baseball in the month of August.

Until the next post... which WON'T be 4 months from now! :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Very Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday to my husband, the love of my life!! This has been the best year of my life and I hope the same goes for you! My pledge to you is to make this next year, and every one after, the best year of your life! I love you!!!

Isn't he adorable?!?! I think so!! Cayman definitely suits him! :)

Don enjoying his biggest accomplishment (in his eyes) this year!

The twins! Yes, Don is a twin. He and Jim are 31 today! :)


Monday, April 10, 2006

Sweep, sweep, sweep....

The Sox sweep the O's... what a fabulous weekend of baseball!

Clement looked great on Friday- a far cry from what I was expecting. I suppose it is tough to come back from being hit in the head with a line drive. Wink wink.

And the even better news... DON & I HAVE TICKETS TO A GAME THIS SEASON!!! We weren't able to go last year (um, something like a wedding got in our way- ha ha!) and we were totally bummed out! Alas, connections at my company have come through for us and we're going to Sunday's game against Seattle. The seats are very good and we're stoked! The last time we went to the Easter Sunday game (2004) Big Papi had a magical day and hit a walk-off homer. It was incredible! Pray for more magic!